There for Her

Secrets to Supporting
Your Widowed Relative or Friend

Do you know a woman who lost her husband?

Chances are the answer is yes.

For every widowed woman, there are dozens of relatives, friends and acquaintances who care. Too often, fear of missteps prevents people from offering support where it’s so badly needed. “THERE FOR HER” is a must-see for anyone in the close circles of a widow. Gain clarity on your role and hear answers to commonly asked questions about how to support a friend or relative who lost her husband. Watch for an inside view of a widow’s world with Samchainu founders Shani Waldman & Breindy Halberstam.

Together, we are one step closer to our vision of a circle of support. 

Samchainu Support guide

Download to learn how to support your relative or friend after the loss of her husband.

Video Highlights:

Understanding the inner world of a widow

Tips for offering support without being intrusive

Practical guidance on what helps and what hurts

Specific advice for friends, parents, and grown children

The role of close family in the decision to remarry

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